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Considering Membership?

Anyone involved in the Finland-based business of pharmaceuticals manufacturing, importing or research can become a member of the Co-operative. Pharmaceutical research means that the research and trials are conducted under conditions approved by the authorities, respecting the good manufacturing practice GMP which ensures that the manufacture of medicines meets all the set requirements.

Please use the attached application form (the end of the page). To be legally valid, the application form needs to be signed by one authorised company signatory, witnessed by two other persons.

The application must be accompanied by a free-form report on the company operations as well as by a duly approved and signed commitment pertaining to medicines-related injuries (see the form atthe end of the page). The latter document must also be signed by the company's authorised signatory.

The application is addressed to the Co-operative Board at:

Finnish Co-operative for Pharmaceutical Injury Indemnities
Porkkalankatu 1, FI-00180 HELSINKI FINLAND

The membership starts from the moment when the Co-operative Board approves the application.